March 29, 2011

  • Breaking News: Lovelyish Quality Substandard

    I’ve been blocked! Blocked, I say! Yes, I was as shocked as you are. I’m delightful. I’m fantastic, and friendly, and oh so polite! But apparently that isn’t enough for the braintrust that runs the ever aspiring, loftily thoughtful Lovelyish. Apparently, in their infinite quest to provide the most idiotic content on the web, Jessica’s team of superstar bloggers crafted a post so cunning, so devilishly clever, it couldn’t BUT attract both attention and praise: pictures of random celebrities’ packages.

    Fantastic. Penis-through-the-pants pictures.

    I think if mancouch had done a celebrity camel toe post, they’d get called chauvinist pigs. But, of course, Lovelyish is held to a different standard. Dare I say… a female standard? (I kid, I kid! You know I love the fairer sex). Anyway, apparently slobbering crudity is A-OK for Ms Misener. And yet, what’s NOT ok is pointing out the rampant unprofessionalism of the post.

    They blocked me!

    I! A loyal reader! A friendly and helpful frequent commenter!


    Clearly, this is part of the same brilliant plan that’s led mancouch, thehardestlevel, thepopsite, tripcrazed, hoodstars, and dollarish (am I forgetting any?) to outlandish success.

    Blog on, ish sites, blog on.

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