June 23, 2011

  • Nationbuilding Here at Home

    I knew he was a president with vision. It’s like I’ve been saying since the very beginning. Gobama! We’re going to win these wars, I can feel it. And we’re going to rebuild America, too. We’re all going to be rich and happy and fulfilled. We just need to keep trusting in our Commander-in-Chief to see us through these tough times, and for the rest of his first term and throughout his second, things will just keep getting better.

    Also, faceboooooook!

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  • Just looking at that firm jaw gives me chills. 

  • O’Bama is fulfilling his campaign promise to redefine America.

    That means we can look forward to more high unemployment, more inflation, more civilization destroying debt, more taxes, America high tailing it from its duties as world leader.

    Is this a prediction?

    No. It’s what is happening right now, by design, O’Bama’s design.

    Don’t expect things to get better. They were designed not to.


  • I wasn’t there (despite my sons claims that I am that old) but I bet some of the loyalists said the same thing about King George.

  • If Obama wasn’t so desperate about compromising with the right-wing of the republican party, I would’ve liked him better. I hope he gets a supermajority in both houses so he can pass UHC.

  • It’s hard to believe that Afghanistan is America’s longest war.

  • @godfatherofgreenbay - The ten year anniversary is coming up pretty soon. I think we need to throw a party.

  • I say it calls for parades and the dragging of terrorists through the streets much like they did in Rome.

  • Are you being serious?

  • becoming a socialist third rate country is Obama’s vision. he may well succeed in destroying this once great nation.

  • Silly presidents.  You can’t win war.

  • I thought this entry was a joke until I saw your profile picture. :|

  • @TheThinkingPerson - O’Bama did get super majorities in both houses and did pass UHC. That was 2 years ago.

  • Meh. Like any other president before him, he will now be more concerned with raising millions to get himself re-elected than he will take interest in the shit storm thats coming down around him. Granted, he didn’t start the shit storm – blame it on the incompetence of both Democrat and Republican presidents before him – but he sure as hell has added oil to the flames. And keeps doing it. So much for “nation building” when the economic system is crumbling down on top of us all.

  • I’d like to see us stop being at war – but I don’t think Obama will do it.  He hasn’t so far. 

  • There’s no reason to take my support away from him, he’s had hell to work with with those freshman tea party people. I’m not happy with everything he’s done, but I still support him.  They’ve backed him into a corner threatening to ruin our country and they did manage to drop our credit score but that’s not his fault.  I think his second term he’ll get more liberal, we need more taxes it’s that simple, it’s been all give to the right and no take, that’s not the way America runs best.  But what a nightmare it would be if they took over congress, the presidency, and kept the house.  Perish the thought!

    GoBama he’s still got my support.  I do love that Onion piece where it says he will win another 4 years of self-torture.  Who the hell would want that job, I do not know.

    @ShimmerBodyCream - LOL what the fuck IS that thing?  I mean I know what it says, but really? that’s not what it looks like. I don’t know what it looks like.

    @Randy7777 - second term.

    @Blackspidertat - Great to hear!

  • @TheThinkingPerson - He was backed into a corner.  As it was they dropped our credit score.  Can you imagine what would have happened if they could not come to any kind of agreement?  Why be so hard on him without taking into account the extortion process that was perpetrated against him?

  • @Diva_Jyoti_3 – that’s your spin. My spin is that Obama had a democrat contolled house and senate and didn’t pass a debt ceiling increase. Why? I think it was his plan to demonise his opponent. Is your spin right or is my spin right? Don’t know but I ‘m dizzy. I love the democratic system. We had good healthy debates until our President terrorized ppl on Social Security by suggesting they wouldn’t get it. I didn’t here the rebuplicans use scare tactics like that. You can spin that also but listen to what comes out a persons mouth

  • @Randy7777 - Out of your mouth comes a lot of spin, that’s for sure.  What the house did to the president over this debt ceiling has never been done to any president over the entire history of the country, done by the T P Protesters.  So if there’s someone spinning here, it’s you.

  • @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace - Lol. UHC? More like “healthcare mandate”. The healthcare bill (the only significant vaguely left-leaning legislation the super-majority passed) doesn’t achieve universal healthcare, it just achieves fines on those who do wish to pay ridiculously high prices for a crappy product sold by large corporate entities. In other words, a tax on the poor – followed by new tax cut extensions for the rich just a year later!

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